Sea Freight

Through our automated system we offer shippers a one stop solution to and from any point worldwide by offering both less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container-load services (FCL) Geographically we are not in position as the global hub station. And for the long haul shipment it has to go via Singapore, Port Klang, Busan, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong & Tanjung Pelepas, as the gateway to the East and West. Majority of the feeders are via Singapore, the frequency feeder sailing from Jakarta is 3 times a weeks & could reach Singapore only 2 days.

We have service contracts with few major shipping lines for major destinations with certain volume. We can offer you a competitive rate for any shipment you would like. We accept freight collect & freight prepaid for most destinations. In handling sea import we provide the sea freight rates from any part of the world, we handle temporary import by specializing in exhibition goods, oil exploration equipment as well as project cargo.

We have brought together our experience, enabling us to expand into all manner of high-value, high-risk, heavy and delicate, awkward and complex moves.We believe the key to our success is our total dedication to customer service. We are a Professional logistics company that is reliable, punctual, trustworthy, professional and quick-thinking when it comes to resolving issues.


Task :

- Undertakes the process of movements of goods through the various stages involved.

  1. International shipping process
  2. Customs
  3. Domestic transporting
  4. Packing & storage

- Alerts consignees schedules of ETD, ETA of the vessel, delay possibilities, tracing of the shipment, and provides claim service once the shipment arrives damaged.

  1. Shipper requests for shipping rates and booking schedule – FEG and shipper confirm incoterms, and customs/forwarding capability.
  2. FEG books with steamship line and sends over the shipping request
  3. FEG transports the goods from the shipper’s warehouse 
       - FCL : hands over the container to container yard 
       - LCL : hands over the shipment to CFS
  4. At CFS, they then check the weight/size once the shipment arrives. *Ocean freights depends on the weight and the size of the shipment*
  5. FEG brokerage team decides on the HS code based on commercial invoice and the packing list that shippers provide and turn in export declaration. (The process involving documentation work must be turned-in before the cut-off date that steamship line demands) *US-AES filing must be done if the goods value over $2,500.
  6. The goods get loaded on vessel passing through terminals according to the shipping schedule.
  7. On the day of departure, FEG issues BL and sends it over along with BOL to FEG branch where it is located at the final destination of goods. 
       - Original
       - Surrendered
  8. Steamship line head quarter sends over same docs to its branch at the same time with FEG
  9. Branch of Steamship line sends arrival notice prior to the arrival date of the shipment to FEG branch.
  10. FEG branch alerts CNEE and pays any fee that gets charged along with arrival notice. (differs by incoterms)
  11. Consignee pays the balance FEG branch requests, and at this point, all the pending payment has to be cleared between Consignee and the shipper.
       - Surrendered HBL must be issued. 
       - Original BL gets sent to steamship line to release OBL hold.
  12. FEG branch requests D/O to the consignee
  13. The shipment gets unloaded from the vessel and gets transported to either CFS or to the terminal. 
       - CFS warehouse alerts FEG branch availability of the goods.
  14. FEG branch sends over documents to the customs broker to file customs entry.
  15. After the customs gets cleared, FEG branch sets up an appointment to set up delivery with the trucker and with receiving party.
  16. When the delivery gets done, trucker sends over POD.