Air Freight

We are IATA accredited and for years we have a very good relationship with airlines by serving our clients needs with 32 airlines that came online from and to Jakarta and also 22 airlines offline. Through our long experienced years since 1991 we can air your cargo to all over the world.Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye so it’s essential to have a partner who provides stability and reliability to maintain your supply chain’s total integrity. Whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial planes or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them.

Besides offering direct air freight services to all destinations in the world, we also provide you with the best possible mode of combined traffic, by using Air from Jakarta and Sea from the hub transshipment stations. Due to the late production and you can not catch the closing time in Jakarta then we can ship using air/sea mode via few optional hubs in order to catch the mother vessel from the hub stations depends on your needs. The optional hubs we are referring for this mode are Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, Port Klang and Kaohsiung.

We’ve been handling air import for many years and we can provide the air freight rates from any part of the world. We specialized in handling books, temporary import as well as project cargo. We ensure smooth and speedy clearance for all cargoes through our network system. For consignment under our consolidation, we provide prompt break bulk services and re-distribution of cargoes to the ultimate consignee or customs brokers.

  • Task :
  • - Undertakes the process of movements of goods through the various stages involved.
    1. international shipping process
    2. customs
    3. domestic transporting
    4. packing & storage
  • - Helps customers to have the best result of prompt air-delivery and provides various route options during high demanding seasons.
    1. Shippers requests air freight rate and booking schedule to FEG – FEG and shipper confirm incoterms, and customs/forwarding capability.
    2. FEG books with airline and send over shipping request.
    3. FEG transports goods from shipper’s warehouse to FEG’s warehouse.
    4. Warehouse then checks the weight/size of the goods and issue invoice based on the chargeable weight of the goods.
    5. FEG brokerage team decides on the HS code based on commercial invoice and the packing list that shippers provide and turn in export declaration. (The process involving documentation work must be turned-in before the cut-off date that airline demands)
    6. Then transport goods from FEG’s warehouse to the airline’s warehouse.
    7. On the day of departure, airline alerts FEG with the chargeable weight/Gross weight/size and issue AWB. -> FEG calculates air freight based on the chargeable weight provided by the airline.
    8. Airline sends over related docs to the branch office, and so does FEG to FEG branch office.
    9. Airline branch office sends arrival notice to FEG branch office and FEG branch alerts Consignee with arrival notice and invoice if any extra charges occurred.
    10. Consignee pays off the charges and sends D/O if FEG branch handles delivery.
    11. Shipment gets unloaded from the plane to the airline terminal.
    12. FEG branch files customs entry. (if Certificate of Origin was issued, duty gets deducted accordingly). The process time may vary depends on the filing process of importing country.
    13. After customs gets filed, FEG branch sends trucker to the airline terminal to pickup the freight. (Trucker needs to carry verification documents so the airline can match up the information of who is picking up the freight. 
         - U.S. : The person picking up the freight needs to carry ATME (Authority to Make Entrance) and Arrival notice that FEG branch provides so the airline can verify that FEG 
                     branch allows whomever to pickup the freight).
    14. FEG branch issues POD to FEG (departing country) > ultimate completion.