Logistics & Warehouse

Warehousing & distribution has been the element to complete our services for years. We provide indoor storage in excellent warehouses with 24 hours security guards and CCTV cameras as standard to cater to your need with competitive price.

Our teams have years of experience in Packing/Repacking and stuffing of variety cargoes which includes Garment on Hanger (GOH). We also have proficiency in fumigation (ISPM15) on wooden crate as per destination country regulation. Just send us your purchase order and we will take care the rest. Pickup and consolidates from multi vendors and load into single shipment. We can also move your personal effect to your hometown & make sure your cargos are in safe hand until the last door.

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    The On Time Group has warehouses at different locations around the world. Our facilities meet high security requirements and are certified to the highest local standards.

    Our professional warehouse activities

    Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide the following professional warehouse activities:

    • Storage and distribution
    • Cross docking
    • Palletization, sealing, sorting
    • Storage and transshipment
    • Quality control
    • Order and stock management
    • Order picking
    Storage of goods in a customs warehouse

    In many On Time warehouse facilities, we carry out our warehouse activities within a customs warehouse. That means we can manage the goods (whether in free circulation or not) of third parties and remain responsible to Customs for the goods kept in storage. 

    The storage of goods in a customs warehouse has numerous advantages, such as the fact that one does not pay import duty and VAT payable for goods stored in the warehouse.

    Value Added Logistics

    The On Time Group also offers a multitude of Value Added Logistics services. For example, we have a range of testing and sorting lines, an advanced packaging section for polybagging goods, and facilities for the quality control of products. We provide services for a variety of product types such as:

    • Packing, repackaging and labelling of goods
    • Assembly of products
    • Inventory management of the goods – order picking
    • Insuring goods
    • Logistical information through EDI
    • e-fulfilment